It’s Been a Long Time Coming….

It’s time for an update! Life has changed a lot since Jess and I got married and we’re still in the process of making some other decisions that will change our lives even more (and for the better). I can’t talk about some of those things yet because they’re not set in stone, but I can talk about one thing.

bird cake, wedding cake, servatti's, servatii's

Our beautiful wedding cake that went along with the unintentional wedding theme of “Put a bird on it!”

The diet starts over again for the both of us today. Jess has been running again and I’m walking again! Points shall be tracked, muscles shall be built up and weight shall be lost once more! For a while there I just stopped losing and maintained my weight loss because I needed to focus on the wedding and honeymoon. Reasonable, right? I just needed to LIVE. I couldn’t focus on much more.

I’ll be honest, though. I lost most of my mojo when someone (that I love very much) challenged me to “lose as much weight as possible before the wedding so that I could shock everyone.” I know they meant to be helpful and that it was said out of love, but the minute it came out of their mouth, something in me changed. I felt like my weight loss stopped being a healthy journey for me and became a “show” for other people. I tried losing weight after that, but every time I’d start to track my food, I lost interest. Every time someone brought in goodies at work, I ate one… or maybe two. I even talked about it with my therapist. It’s funny how good-intentioned comments can have just a drastic effect on a person. A week later, I decided to stop focusing on the weight loss; I already felt beautiful in my wedding dress and I knew I was going to shock people anyway! I needed a break.

A bunch of my cousins looking just smashing, don’t you think?

It was a beautiful wedding weekend and a blissful honeymoon (in Seattle!) Jess and I put SO MUCH time and effort into planning the whole thing. Our moms helped out so much, especially my mom, since the family reception venue was local to her. We just can’t thank them enough! And everything turned out more amazing than we could have imagined. The courthouse ceremony was short and sweet, but we did write our own vows, so that made it more personal… and made everyone cry :)

These are the people that created me. See the wacky resemblances?

The friend reception was beautifully decorated by our own crew of family members that came to the courthouse, and we served delicious Thai food from our favorite Thai place! The dessert table was a wedding gift from a co-worker and she totally rocked it with homemade marshmallows (caramel and pb) with a little Bunsen burner for smore-making, pizzelles, cream puffs (vanilla, caramel and pumpkin spice), vegan black bottom cupcakes (tofutti and choco chips in some, cherry pie filling in the others) and chai caramels… all homemade!

These are my darling grandparents. They all picked EXACTLY the right props.

The family reception took place at a hotel/conference center, so everyone who drove in to town was able to party downstairs and then go up to their room to sleep off the drunkenness :) And almost everyone was drunk by midnight, lol. It was amazing. We are a combined family of fun, loud, talkative drunks. At 10pm, the reception room was closed off, but the hotel had a bistro with a full bar in it that stayed open until 2am. We closed it. I’ve never seen so many people in my family drunk at one time…. It. Was. Fantastic. Before all the drunkenness, the actual reception was a blast! Again, we decorated the whole place with the help of family members. Jess did the paper lanterns, I did the centerpieces and we both made the escort cards. Jess curated all the music and everyone in there danced at least once. My Noni was even the head of a conga line! Jess and I made photo props for the friend reception and brought those, along with cards and other games, to the family reception and they were a huge hit! My friend, Sara Taylor, from high school took our photos and they turned out beautiful (as you can tell).

Me and my Uncle Tony. He’s the other cook in the family. I’m going to work in his restaurant some day! And this photo is going on the wall in the kitchen.

Our honeymoon in Seattle was amazing. If you haven’t gone there yet, you need to go NOW. It’s so green and calm and artsy! It only rained the last part of our trip, but we love the rain, so it wasn’t bad. And it wasn’t gray all the time like people seem to think it is! Because of the rain, everything is so lush and vibrant. Chicago may be sunnier, but Seattle is definitely not a concrete jungle. We ate at delicious restaurants, spent hours at Pike’s Market, went up the Space Needle, toured a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit and did a lot of relaxing. It was much needed and sooooo worth it. We definitely want to go back.

crabs, pike's market

Jess took this awesome photo of crabs for sale at Pike’s Market! Don’t they look hilarious?

Although I maintained my weight loss (with about a five pound fluctuation) through all the events of these last two months, I’ve gained a few pounds more in the last couple weeks and I’m just done with it. I’m ready to feel good again. I’m ready to lose another 50 lbs so that I can make some healthy babies! That’s definitely the end goal. We want babies.

The hardest part is maintaing the motivation to do this every day again. I find myself doing really well for a day or two and then ruining it on the third day. Do you all experience that when you’re trying to get back on track? I’m promising to exercise AT LEAST twice a week; more if I can get it in. And I’m promising to track (and stay within my points) AT LEAST three days a week. I also just have to take it one day at a time. That’s the only way I can eventually get back on track until our life settles down a bit more. Does that sound like a cop out or a good coping strategy? One of these days I’ll actually go back to meetings… like when I can afford it! Come on, Weight Watchers, make it cheaper! Even poor people want help with losing weight!

Some of my favorite Dale Chihuly work.

Protein Bar Review: Think Thin Bars

I’ve discovered a great new protein bar and I knew I had to share. ThinkThin Bars.  These have officially become my “go-to” snack during my work days. They are big enough to feel like a true meal replacement if you’re using it as one and full of protein (20g each!) to keep you full until you actually get to sit down at a table for a meal. I tend to break these in half and each it with a piece of fruit for a snack and I’m STILL getting around 10g of protein.

Not only do they have an insane amount of protein each, they actually taste great and they’re relatively low in points!  (Around 6-7 per bar, which are around 1.5 inches wide and 4 inches long.)

Chocolate Espresso: This is my favorite one, to my surprise! It’s got chunks of espresso beans in the actual bar, so it’s definitely got the right flavor, especially when it’s my breakfast or morning snack! Keeps me going for a while.

Chunky Peanut Butter: Peanut butter… delicious. This one tastes exactly like the creamy PB one, except it has “chunks” which really aren’t peanut chunks, but more like concentrated creamy bits. It’s also not as sweet as most people expect when they get chocolate covered peanut butter stuff, but it’s still really good.

Creamy Peanut Butter: Exactly like the one above only without the chunks. Just pure PB awesomeness.

White Chocolate: This is my second favorite one, again, to my surprise. It’s more of a light brownie taste on the inside and covered in white chocolate. The flavor is just really nice.

Brownie Crunch: Chocolate with a little crunch. What more can I say?  It’s tasty!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Not so good… unless you like the taste of fake strawberry.  People just need to learn to stay away from putting it in their products unless they can truly make it taste GOOD.  They didn’t pull it off.

These are just a few of the flavors.  It also comes in chunky peanut butter, cookies and creme, caramel fudge, dark chocolate and a few more.  Click here for more!  I’ll definitely be ordering the last three I mentioned because I haven’t found them in stores just yet.  They also carry fruit and nut bars, bites and a few other delicious-looking products.  Hopefully one of these days they’ll respond to my tweets so I can work out a giveaway!

The bars are also gluten-free.  They aren’t dairy-free, but they do use certified kosher regular dairy ingredients.  All of them are no to low sugar (0-4g per bar).  If they used stevia instead of sugar, they’d REALLY have me wrapped around their finger.

thinkThin Protein Bars
Calories per Bar: ~230
PointsPlus per Bar: 6-7
Texture: 4/5
Flavor: 4/5
Ingredients: 4/5

Reaching a Milestone

I’ve lost 50 POUNDS!!

I’d say that’s worth a post of it’s own, right?  It seems like I’ve slowly been inching towards this goal, but goodgollygosh I finally made it!  I still have 100 lbs to lose, but here I am a third of the way through and I know I’ll make it to where I want to be.  And now I finally get to spend $200 on new clothes!  Well, my reward is listed as $150 on new clothes in my Milestones and Rewards post, but I got $200 in giftcards at Christmas that I’ve been holding on to for exactly this purpose (and now I can save that other $150 for new clothes in the winter since I’ll need them!)

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who “liked” my FB milestones yesterday on my RWWF page and my personal page.  It is extremely touching to know I have so many people in my support system.  And a very special THANK YOU to my wonderful fiancee who instigated the conversations which led me to deal with the fact that I needed to make some changes in my life.  She’s been there right next to me at every victory and every disappointment.  She’s been a wonderful motivator for exercise and her squeals of delight at all my tasty dishes (and willingness to photograph many of them) have made cooking and creating healthy recipes an amazingly fun and inspiring experience.  And another special THANK YOU to my wonderful parents who have always supported me in all my endeavors and even joined Weight Watchers together this year.  In fact, they’ve lost over 60 lbs combined and my skinny-minny dad even reached his Lifetime Goal a couple weeks ago!  How amazing is that?!?!  They keep me on my toes.

This hasn’t been a smooth journey, though.  It’s taken me a little over a year and a half to get off these first 50 lbs.  I’ve fallen off track with both exercise and tracking my points, but I always got back on.  That’s the important part.  I keep getting back on plan.  Weight Watchers (as reluctant as I was to start it) is really the right plan for me.  It fits my life.  I don’t even go to the meetings or subscribe to WW Online right now, but I use a free app on my phone called WWDiary to do all of my tracking.  It’s been a lifesaver.

Okay, I’m done with the thank yous and general life blah blah blah now.  I thought it might be fun to list out 50 things that have changed in my life during this first 1/3 of the journey.  Then I’ll be able to come back and look at it whenever I lose my motivation and reaffirm why I need to get back on track again.

1. I can shop in the plus size section of regular stores like Old Navy, Target and JC Penney.
2. My back is finally healthy!
3. My “front butt” is almost gone!
4. Smiles come with one chin, not two.
5. I have more energy.
6. Bedroom antics are waaay more fun (TMI?)
7. Sleep comes more easily.
8. I can run around with our dog and not get exhausted so fast.
9. Looking at myself in the mirror is a much happier experience.
10. I fit into chairs with arms more easily.
11. My skin is clearer and brighter.
12. My knees don’t creak much anymore when I go up stairs.
13. I can stand on my feet for much longer periods of time (important for when I actually DO go to culinary school!)
14. Clothes shopping gets more and more fun.
15. I actually WANT to do things like ride a bike and walk more than 3 miles in a day.
16. I can jump and dance around like a crazy person without worrying about pulling a back muscle (keep those abs tight!)
17. I am stronger physically.
18. I am stronger mentally.
19. I feel more satisfied by the food that I choose to eat.
20. I barely ever experience an “uncomfortable” fullness after a meal because I know how to stop myself from eating too much.
21. I chew more gum.
22. I am looking forward to swimming this summer.
23. I am generally more satisfied with life.
24. I have done two 5Ks with my baybsie and plan on doing at least 48 more!
25. I feel more accomplished.
26. Long trips in cars and trains aren’t as uncomfortable.
27. I found my passion in life: cooking!
28. I’ve learned how to reward myself with non-food things.
29. I feel less stinky.
30. Parks are much more enjoyable.
31. Losing 100 pounds feels like a POSSIBLE goal.
32. I’ve made great blogger friends with wonderful, inspiring people!
33. I can keep a bar of chocolate in my fridge for more than a day.
34. Going to the gym isn’t nearly as intimidating.
35. Other people in my life have started changing theirs for the better which continues to motivate me every day.
36. I’m looking forward to wearing my wedding dress!
37. I am not nearly as worried about how our wedding pictures will turn out.
38. I can reach all the places I need to wash in the shower without extra straining!
39. General check ups at the doctor aren’t as scary.
40. I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and I love it!
41. I pee a lot more which helps to flush out all sorts of toxins.
42. I am more sociable with people in general.
43. Sweating isn’t such an uncomfortable experience anymore.
44. My body doesn’t have random aches and pains as much.
45. Moving into our new apartment was much easier since I’m stronger overall.
46. I’m more aware of the food I put in my body.
47. I’ve discovered so many delicious and creative ways to make food fun and exciting.
48. When I hug people, I feel closer to them because I literally AM closer to them.
49. I don’t get winded going up and down the stairs at work (since only take the elevator up in the mornings)
50. Life is exponentially more beautiful and full of hope because this is the right journey for ME.

Smoothies and Shakes… What’s the Difference?

Click here for this Wild Blueberry Shake recipe by “Colorful Palate”!

I’ve been on a smoothie rampage lately. Well, by rampage I mean that I have at least 1-2 per day… and not really for the purpose of losing weight, but because they are damn tasty! If I can have something that tastes like ice cream without all the guilt for any meal of the day AND it takes less than 5 minutes to make from start to finish why would I NOT have 1-2 a day? They satisfy my massive sweet tooth and since I put protein powder in every one, they fill me up. It’s a win-win.

Click here for this Juicy Pear Smoothie recipe by “The Healthy Foodie”!

My history with making shakes and smoothies has not been a great one, though. Until my mom showed me how to properly make one last month, I ended up disappointed in most of my smoothie attempts. I’d already packed the blender up for our move (which is next weekend) because I didn’t see the point in keeping it out! Oh, silly silly me. Mimsy (my nickname for my mom) brought over some Weight Watcher Protein Smoothie packets, bought some frozen fruit and went to work.

First off, let me tell you the difference between a SMOOTHIE and a SHAKE. I had to do my own research on this just to figure it out. A smoothie is typically made with fruit – frozen fruit, fruit juice, fresh fruit, etc. It’s not a dairy affair. It’s a fruit party. A shake (“milkshake” being the source of the word), on the other hand, is a dairy-based treat usually made with ice cream, milk or both. The thickness of either does not change the name; as long as you can suck it up through a straw, it’s either a smoothie or a shake. When you start to need a spoon, then it becomes an ice cream or a sorbet.

After you figure out if you’re making a smoothie or a shake, you then want to decide how thick you want it to be. Do you want to easily drink it or do you want it thicker so that you feel more like you’re “eating” something rather than “drinking” it? The breakdown:

Click here for this Blood Orange Smoothie recipe by “Bittersweet”!

– Start each shake/smoothie with no more than 1 cup of a liquid, whether that’s water, fruit juice or some kind of milk (soy, almond, coconut, regular, etc).

– If you want a treat you can DRINK, you can either skip the frozen stuff all together (like ice cream or frozen fruit) and just put in fresh fruit like berries and bananas (or even spinach or avocado!) or you can put in frozen items that are UP TO OR EQUAL to the amount of liquid you’re using. If it’s too liquidy, blend in something frozen like ice or fruit.

– If you want a treat you can EAT, you can put in frozen items that are EQUAL OR UP TO TWICE the amount of the liquid you’re using. You could also use half the amount of liquid and sub the other half with tofu, yogurt, avocado or cottage cheese. Any more than that and your blender won’t blend it properly and you’ll end of with icy chunks of fruit covered in what resembles a smoothie texture. If it’s too thick for you, add some more liquid.

Click here for this Lemon Apple Honey Smoothie by “The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife”!

– If you want a treat you NEED TO EAT WITH A SPOON, you’ll want to use 2 parts frozen stuff to 1 part liquid. Maybe a liiiiiiittle bit more, but not too much. Or you can use about 2 tbsp liquid, up to one cup of tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt or avocado and then add your sweetener and frozen ingredients.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: you want to make sure you eat/drink your treats right away. Smoothies and shakes lose their wonderful consistency within about 30 minutes. So, don’t make it until you’re ready to consume it.

Click here for this Papaya Strawberry Avocado Shake recipe from “Family Fresh Cooking”!

Now you know how to make it work. So all that’s left is some delicious recipes, right? Well, you can certainly click on any of the pictures I’ve posted to go to those recipes on different blogs or you can try some of these simple and delicious combos listed below! Just put in the wet ingredients first, then the protein powder (if using) and sweetener and THEN the frozen items. Blend and enjoy! You may need to use a spoon to re-position the fruit so that it blends properly. Once you see the top of the mixture seamlessly swirling towards the center, your treat is ready to be devoured!

Chocoberry Protein Shake (4 PP)

  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 2 PP
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 PP
  • 2 cups frozen mixed berries

Click here for this Carrot Cake Smoothie recipe by “Pursuit of Hippieness”!

Tropical Breeze Protein Shake (4 PP)

  • 1 cup unsweetened soy milk, 1 PP
  • 1 tbsp agave nectar, 1 PP
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 PP
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen tropical fruit medley

Peaches and Cream Shake (4 PP)

  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 2 PP
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla ice cream, 2 PP

Simple Strawberry Smoothie (1 PP)

  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
  • 2 tbsp truvia, 1 PP

Chocolate PB Banana Shake (5 PP)

  • 1 cup skim milk, 1 PP
  • 1 tsp peanut butter, 2 PP
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 PP
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen banana

Watermelon Explosion Sorbet (1 PP)

  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen watermelon chunks
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp truvia, 1 PP

Protein Powder Review: About Time Whey

Welcome to my first Protein Powder review!  First off, I have to give a big shout out to my good friend, Jenna from the CorgiPants blog.  She started doing protein powder reviews on her blog this year and it led me in the right direction when I first decided to shop for some protein powder.  Her reviews are VERY helpful, so check them out!  I can honestly say that I never thought I’d be doing the protein powder thing.  I was convinced it was just a fad that all men and crazy women went through to pump up the muscle gain and fat burn despite whether it actually worked or not.

Imagine my surprise when my mom called me one day and said she tried a Weight Watchers protein smoothie mix with some frozen berries and milk and that it had the texture of ice cream and tasted amazing.  I was shocked.  My MOTHER is doing the protein powder thing?  Okay, I had to try it.  So, when she came to visit, she bought a pack of the chocolate ones and we made chocoberry ice cream to eat while watching a movie.  It was so yummy!  I got almost 2 cups of protein “ice cream” for only 2 PP!  I was in heaven.  I went out and bought about 8 lbs of frozen berries and 2 tubs of protein powder the next day.

Photo Courtesy of: Jenna from the CorgiPants blog! Click it to go directly to her review of About Time Whey.

Today’s review is for About Time Whey.  

About Time Whey got great reviews from Jenna; a 9 out of 10!  And you know what?  I think I’d have to give it that too.  It’s all natural and uses stevia as it’s sweetener.  There’s no sugar or HFCS anywhere in site!  The ingredient list isn’t ridiculously long and complicated too, which is nice.  The texture is smoother, partly due to the fact that it’s actually in “powdered” form, rather than having the texture of white whole wheat flour.  In order to figure out which flavor I would order a 2 lb tub of, I decided to order a few trial packs from them first.  You can get 2 one scoop samples for 3.99 and they’ll pay for shipping!  Here are the first four flavors I tried:

Chocolate: This is the third chocolate flavored protein powder I’ve had and I would place it 2nd… after the Weight Watchers Protein Powder! That stuff is gooood. This is less chalky than the WW stuff, but it’s not as chocolatey-sweet. When using 1% milk, I put in about a 1/2 tsp truvia, but when I used my vanilla almond milk, no sweetener was necessary.

Vanilla: I liked this one better than Designer Whey French Vanilla (but DW is cheaper at Meijer!). This flavor is a really nice vanilla without any chalky flavor at all.  It’s just a nice, pure vanilla flavor that serves as a fantastic base for protein smoothies and ice cream.

Banana: Do you remember eating Runts candy when you were a kid? Yeah, this flavor tastes exactly like the bananas. If you haven’t had Runts, I can describe it as “fake” banana. Jess didn’t really like the flavor, but I didn’t mind it that much. It would probably be really good with frozen strawberries or some unsweetened cocoa and frozen bananas.

Strawberry: This one was actually tasty! I, of course, blended some tropical frozen fruit into it, but it had a delicious flavor. Still slightly “fake”, but with the fruit mixed in, it started tasting more like a daquiri than fake strawberry candy, so that was good.

I have two more sample flavors on their way to me right now – cinnamon swirl and chocolate peanut butter.  I’m excited to see how these ones will taste.  I also ordered a 2 lb tub of the vanilla because I liked it so much!  Okay, so time for the breakdown.

About Time Whey
Calories per Scoop: ~103
PointsPlus per Scoop: 2
Texture: 5/5
Flavor: 4/5
Ingredients: 5/5

Havarti Ham and Veggie Frittata

Delicious. Photo by Jess!

“The secret to a great frittata is a very hot pan… because that’s what makes it fluffy.”
– Harrison Ford as Mike Pomeroy

Thank you, Morning Glory, for such a fantastic one-liner that it actually stayed in my culinary brain.  It’s great advice, by the way, because it actually IS the secret.  That one line (and one scene where he actually made one) was all I needed to be convinced that frittatas actually ARE that easy to make (and that I never want to be a news anchor.  Early morning drama?  No thanks.)

Making this frittata was quite possibly the easiest egg dish I’ve ever made.  Aaaaaaannnnnndddd… the cleanup was ridiculously easy!  You know how your pan gets all egg-crusty when you make scrambled eggs or breakfast scrambles and you have to clean it all out before you can even think of using it again?  Yeah, none of that with frittatas.  If you cook it right (with a really hot pan), it’ll slide right out and your pan it perfectly usable for another frittata the next day!

Here’s what you do: pick your fillings, cook em up and then pick your cheese, mix into eggs, pour over fillings, saute, bake.  VOILA.  Seriously.  It’s that easy.  And I figured this out from a freakin’ movie.  It was a hilarious movie, though, so that makes it double awesome.  Here’s my very first frittata recipe for you to enjoy!

Double Awesome. Photo by Jess!

Havarti Ham and Veggie Frittata
Servings: 4
PointsPlus Per Serving: 4


  • 2 oz ham, 2 PP
  • 2 oz creamy havarti cheese, 6 PP (if you have a lighter version, use that!)
  • 3 eggs, 6 PP
  • 3 egg whites, 1 PP
  • 1 medium scallion, sliced
  • 5 mini sweet peppers, diced
  • 1/4 zucchini, diced
  • salt and pepper

1. Turn oven on to 350. Then heat up a skillet to medium heat.

2. Cut up the zucchini, peppers, scallion and ham. Spray the skillet with Pam and pour in the veggies. Saute until desired tenderness (about 3-5 minutes).

3. While your fillings are cooking, mix your cheese into your eggs (shred it first if you need to) and add the salt and pepper to taste. Pour egg mixture over fillings. Put away all your utensils, now! Leave it be until it browns slightly around the edges.

4. Once it’s slightly browned, stick the whole skillet onto the top rack of the oven and let it finish cooking for about 10-12 minutes. This will finish baking it and let it get nice and bubbly on top. Once the time goes off, check to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly. If it is, there should be no excess liquid on top and it should be able to slide right out of the skillet once you loosen the edge. Slice into fours and enjoy!

We topped ours with Sriracha the first time and this morning when I had my other piece, I topped it with my favorite mix of Chobani 0% Plain and Spicy Guacamole with fresh chopped cilantro on top. Aaaahhhmazing. I can’t wait to try some other combinations soon!

Oh, and I lost a few more pounds this week when I wasn’t really trying.  I just ate less and made better decisions.  I love when that happens :)

Losing Weight with Wolfram Alpha

Hey Y’all!  So you know how I’ve mentioned a few times that I work for this company called Wolfram|Alpha?  Yeah, well, we’re awesome and so is our “Computational Knowledge Engine”.  Yup.  That’s what I said.  We actually compute data for you right on our website.  In fact, we can do a lot more than that…. like help you to lose weight!

They asked me to write a post for our blog about how to use W|A to lose weight.  I thought I might have to do a lot of research and querying on our website to find a good way to actually do that, but in fact, it was extremely simple.  We can show you the nutrition value of thousands of foods.  We can show you the estimated caloric burn of different activities based on your height, weight and age.  We can help to calculate what your caloric intake should be every day depending on what your goal weight and time allotted is.  We can do so much!  So check out the blog that I wrote to see just how handy it is.

And if you’re not interested in using it, just go and read it because you think I’m neato and you like reading what I write!  =D

One more thing.  I’ll be guest posting on ANOTHER blog this week!  Dacia over at 33 and Counting asked me to write a post, so I went all out and wrote a little about my journey and lot about food!  I even included a recipe for another delicious Indian meal.  It’s all broken down into WW PP just like I do here.  Dacia’s pretty amazing.  She’s lost over 100 lbs in less than a year with Weight Watchers!  So make sure to check it out this Friday!


Kicking your friend's butt while shrinking your own! (that's their tag line)

Today starts a new adventure worth $200. Seriously. If Bella and I win this game against our friends Jenna and Mike, we’ll win $200. So, we’re gonna win it! GAME ON!

The Game On! Diet book is the most hilariously written, honest diet book I’ve read so far. It’s written by Krista Vernoff, the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy. Um, LOVE THAT SHOW. I can see why the show is a success. This book is just further proof.

So basically, we get points each day for doing things like eating 5 balanced meals a day (fist-sized carb, palm-sized protein, thumb-sized fat, no unnatural sugar, no bleached grain foods, etc.), exercising at least 20 minutes a day, getting 7 hours of sleep, breaking an old habit, starting a new good habit, well, you get the picture. You count up all your points and if you lose 1% of your starting body weight each week, you get to add 20% of your total points to your overall score. That could make or break a win!

Why is this worth $200? The four of us decided to go all in and up the stakes. $50 per person going in, and only one couple will get the pot. Double or nothing! And I really don’t feel like LOSING $50 right before the holiday season. It’s only three weeks long, so I think we’ll be able to do it. No, I KNOW we will! I’m using that money for Christmas presents!

As far as the food goes, I really don’t feel like it’s too restrictive. You get 100 calories a day of whatever you want without incurring a penalty (as long as it’s not a “snack”), you get 5 filling meals (or three meals and two hearty snacks), one free meal per week AND one entire day of the entire plan each week. Gotta trick our bodies into continual hard work, otherwise they get used to only getting like 1600 calories a day!

So this morning, Jess and I played some Kinect Volleyball for 20 minutes and kicked BUTT. Then I made breakfast – 2 egg whites, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2 tsp of cheese and some Pam spray. Flavored it with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Wrapped that up with a tasty 100% whole grain whole wheat Mission wrap. It was still kinda bland, but filling! Jess chose two kiwis instead of the wrap for her carb. Second meal will be cashews, 2 cheese sticks, a carrot and a small apple. See? That’s quite a lot of food for a “snack”! I’m thinking maybe a mexican wrap for third meal? We’ll see, though. This will really require some meal planning. I plan on doing a bunch of that tonight. And cooking up a ton of brown rice to use throughout the week.

We might just take some before and after pictures throughout this game too, so look forward to some of those in three weeks! And if you’d like to check out some of the stuff the other team is doing, go to Jenna’s blog.  She’s one crafty mo fo!  I already taunted her this morning with CUPCAKES CUPCAKES CUPCAKES.  Oh man, I’m horrible, lol.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Wonton Cups and some Exciting News!

Guess who dropped 2.5 lbs this week?  ME!  Annnddddd, that means I’ve officially hit (and passed) my 10% mark!  33.2 lbs down.  If you recall, I came up with a list of milestones and rewards a while back and the reward for hitting my 10% mark was purchasing my blog domain.  DONE AND DONE!  This blog is officially housed at now!  I have always wanted a website of my own and now it’s official.  It’s been a great morning :)  Snuggles with my baybsie (who lost a pound too!), goetta breakfast bagel sandwiches, good weigh-ins and a newly purchased official blog domain!  Now, onto the foods….

O. M. G.

How could I have not ever cooked with these before!!??!?!  These being the incredibly versatile wonton wrappers that I found in the freezer section of my local Asian food mart.  For $1.99 I got a package of 60 wonton wrappers, and after doing the math, I figured out that they are only 1 PP for two wrappers!  Awesome.  Whether you get the round ones or the square ones, they have the same PP value.

Click here for this similar recipe by the Eat Drink Repeat blog!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Wonton Cups
Servings: 5
PointsPlus Per Serving: 3


  • 10 wonton wrappers, 5 PP
  • 1 eggs, 2 PP
  • 3 egg whites, 1 PP
  • 3 slices cooked low-sodium bacon, chopped, 3 PP
  • 2 oz low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, 2 PP
  • salt and pepper
  • garlic, chili, tamarind powders (optional)
  • sriracha sauce (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 375.

2. If you haven’t cooked up the bacon and chopped it up yet, do this now.

3. Get out a cupcake pan and lay your wonton wrappers inside, 2 in each, forming a little cup. IMPORTANT – do not use non-stick spray. You don’t need to use ANY spray as long as the cupcake pan is non-stick. The wonton wrappers will cook perfectly and come right out.

4. Mix together all eggs and season with salt, pepper and other spices if using. Divide egg amongst wonton cups, making sure not to get any egg on the actual pan. Keep it inside the wonton wrappers (otherwise it will stick to the pan while cooking). Put chopped bacon into each egg cup and then top each cup off with shredded cheese.

5. Bake for 18-20 minutes. Take out of oven, put on a plate and top off with a little sriracha sauce if you want a little extra kick (that was my fiancee’s idea!) and enjoy!

I have a picture of the ones we made, but they are on my other computer!  Pictures of OUR delicious wonton cups will be up later.  And after searching all over the internet, it seems that this is possibly the first recipe posted of this kind on the internets!  How crazy is that?  I CLAIM THIS ONE, PEOPLE!

I Fall Down and Get Back Up Again

I’ve been absent.  VERY absent.

Absent from blogging, absent from tracking, absent from holding myself accountable to my goals.  I’ve spent the last 3 months in a bit of a weight loss lull.  So, I need to make some changes.

I’m putting the Reluctant Losers group on hold.  I need to re-focus my attention and energy to getting myself back on the healthy track.  I’ve been fluctuating between the same six pounds for too long!

I’m also getting ready to start a weight loss game with the book The Game On! Diet.  I think it’ll help to jump start my weight loss again.  I’ve kept up minimal exercise throughout the past few months, but lately, I’ve been upping my game.  More exercise and more pushing myself!  My fiancee and I finished another 5K in Indianapolis this past weekend!  It was her third this year and my second.  It was a beautiful route and a well planned out event and we had a lot of fun.  Two states down, 48 more to go!

I’m also going to write more often than ONCE A MONTH for this blog!  HELLO!!  I started this thing to help keep me accountable and I lost that when I fell off the wagon.  Some entries may be shorter, but I’m writing for me, right?

So, here’s the first short post in a long time… I’m back, baby!  And ready to rock it :)