Foodie Blog Shoutouts!

I surf through a LOT of food blogs in order to find tasty, healthy, creative recipes to share with all my readers.  Since I can’t possibly share every single one that makes my mouth water, here’s a collection of links to my favorite ones so that you can look through them too!

Boy Cheese Sandwich: One Mom, five sisters, one sister-in-law and a whole lotta recipes.

BURP!: Where food happens.

Cheap Healthy Good: A blog dedicated to the advancement of frugal, nutritious, ethically-minded food in everyday life.

Closet Cooking: Cooking in a closet-sized kitchen.

Cooking by the Seat of my Pants: Good recipes from a guy who loves food.

Danica’s Daily: Every day is a new adventure to be healthy.

Eating Bangkok: Taking a bite out of The Big Mango.

Fat Little Legs: One woman’s (successful!) journey to lose 100 pounds on Weight Watchers, complete with recipes and her own thoughts on life.

Gina’s Skinny Recipes: Delicious low-fat recipes from her family to yours.

Healthy and Easy Recipes: Trying to bring nutritious, yummy, and time-efficient meals to the table.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit: If you think losing weight is impossible, you know Jack Sh*t.

Kitchen M: One woman who rocks beautiful food and beautiful photos.

LaaLoosh: Find Free Healthy Recipes & Easy Food Recipes.

“Point-less” Meals: A collection of recipes that include WW points from a guy who’s experienced personal success on Weight Watchers.

Prior Fat Girl: Sugar coating not included.

Recipe Girl: Dishing out the BEST recipes!

Shannon’s Kitchen Creations: One mom’s cooking journey!

Skinny Kitchen: Your fun guide to healthy yet decadent-tasting foods.

The Novice Chef Blog: Not so novice anymore….

TJ’s Test Kitchen: Welcome to her weight loss journey!

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