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Name: Angela

Reasons you might want to contact me….

1. You won something in one of my giveaways and you need to get me your contact information so you can be sent awesome things.

2. You’d like me you do a review for your product or business (always welcome!).

3. You have a question about a recipe or ingredient or something else culinary-related.

4. You’d like to get permission to use one of my recipes or photos (if it falls outside of the information available on my copyrights/distribution page).

5. You think I am awesome and you’d like to tell me :)

6 responses

  1. Hi – I’m going to try to start a local Game On Diet Group here in Chambersburg, PA, and when I searched for images to use for the Facebook page cover, the great photo of you holding the Game On Diet book was listed. Would it be OK to use it and also some of the recipes you’ve listed on your blog?

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.



    • Hi Jim! Yes, that would be fine as long as it’s all properly credited and linked back to my blog and the specific recipe posts. Once you have it all up, please send me the links so I can check them out. And good luck with your group!

  2. Hi Angela – thanks. I’d like to use the photo as the ‘cover” for the page so I don’t know how exactly to credit/link out to it but I can do that for all the recipes.

    Maybe you have experience with the page and can tell me how to do it. The page is listed as: Game-On Diet Chambersburg (August).

    This is the first time we’ve done something like this. It’s completely free and I was wondering if you might like to give it a try and play along with us? We have about 12 signed up already.


    • Just get the page set up and I’ll take a look. If I can see a place where to put it in, I’ll let you know. I don’t have that much experience with the page as I haven’t played an online game just yet! I’m currently getting ready for a wedding and have a lot of other stuff going on right now, so I’m gonna pass on this round, but definitely let me know about future ones. And thanks for the offer!

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