Weekly Menu and a Weigh-In!

One Happy Hot Dog!

Minus 2.6 lbs!  WOOT WOOT.  You know, when I started this journey and saw my numbers at my weekly WW weigh-ins, I NEVER saw numbers like this (well, besides the first water-weight-loss of 7 lbs).  It’s still a pleasant surprise when it happens!

What did I do to help this weight loss along?  Walked/Ran a 5K for starters!  I did eat a lot more this past week, though, so I was dreading stepping on the scale.  I even had a little mini breakdown because we had all this yummy non-WWF food in the house and I just kept eating it.  I put the girlfriend through a bit of a whirlwind, but she loves me, so she stuck by me!  I was just craving carbs….  Probably from all the exercise I was getting in!  I’ve definitely been more active this Spring than I have in the past!  Softball, walks, time just spent outside (on our rockin’ patio!), picnics at the park – it’s just been so lovely!

Trying not to be such a Hot Doggy

This last weekend was just amazing, weather-wise.  We spent an afternoon at the park on Sunday.  The girlfriend was taking photos for a family (because she has an awesome business called “Beautiful Orange Productions“) and she suggested I come over to the park with Maxwell after she was done shooting.  So, I was about to drive over and she called to say she’s picking up Sandwiches from one of our favorite local cafes because we’re going to have a picnic!  I ran back in the house to get our nifty picnic blanket and then drove on over.  I walked Maxwell around the beautiful park while we waited for her to get back with the sandwiches and then we met on a nice sunny patch of grass.  Sandwiches were eaten, sun was bathed in and snuggles were had with Maxwell.  And THEN, we packed everything up, drove one car home, dropped off Maxwell, and walked all the way back to the park (2 miles) to pick up the other car!  It worked out perfectly.  It was a wonderful day.  (And I haven’t even told you about the vanilla amber bath salts, the softball game or the grilled BBQ turkey burgers!  Er… heh.)

Hot Dog: Uncovered.... He's so freaking cute!

But there’s more to this post than cute doggy photos and a recap of a wonderful Sunday.  I actually planned out another menu for the week!  I looked through a cookbook that I’ve had for a while, but haven’t used much.  It’s all about CHICKEN.  I lurve chicken.  I’m also one of those weird people that actually likes working with raw chicken.  I’m a texture nut.  Anyway, before I gross you out with my love of weird textures, here’s the menu!

Monday: Chicken and Bell Pepper Fajitas, Salad
Tuesday: Chicken and Couscous Soup, Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Wednesday: WILDCARD
Thursday: Lightened Green Chicken Curry
Friday: Soyaki Pork Roast, Roasted Vegetables
Saturday: “Fried” Perch and Flounder Fillets, Green Beans
Sunday: Garlicky Chicken Stew

Does this not sound like a tasty week?  I’m quite excited to try out some new recipes, especially the curry!  I’ve made curry so many times, even posted my original curry recipe, but I found some AWESOME Silk Coconut Milk that is insanely delicious!  It’s only 2 PP per cup, and the flavor is exactly what I’d want as a base for a curry.  You can definitely look forward to some tasty recipes in the coming weeks.  HUZZAH!

The End.

Weekly Weigh-In, Weekly Menu and a Final Goodbye

minus 1/10th.

Okay, that’s not the worst weigh in I’ve ever had, so I’ll take it.  I tried not tracking this week to see how I would do and I guess I haven’t mastered it.  Although I did end up sticking to my menu for the most part, there were still a couple of big meals and desserts that I ate too much of (like the Summer Pineapple Bundt Cake)!

This week is going to be pretty busy, although not as busy as last week.  And in case you forgot, the 5K is on FRIDAY!  The parentals and my godmother and her family are coming up to cheer us on, so I’m super excited!  I promised good cooking, so I’m gonna grill a bunch of chicken with my two awesome marinades, the Savory Marinade and the Saucy Italian Marinade.  I’ll also do some burgers and make a huge batch of the Southwestern Black Bean Salad!  There will be other goodies too.  I’m sure of it :)

Anyway, here’s the menu for the week!

Monday: Shrimp & Sauteed Veggies over Spaghetti and Salad
Tuesday: Wild Rice-Squash Risotto, Everyday Adobo Chicken and Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts
Wednesday: Spicy Peanut Noodle with Shrimp and Bokchoy Salad
Thursday: Grilled Cheese Naan and Tomato Soup
Friday: all the chicken, burgers and black bean salad i can possibly make!
Saturday: Parent’s Choice!
Sunday: Seasoned Shrimp Skewers and Teriyaki Broccoli

On another note, I realized this weekend that one of my most favorite foods of the past and I have to bid a sweet and spicy goodbye.

Photo Courtesy of: the Webnesia blog

Dear General Tsao’s Chicken,

I have always loved you, my friend. I cannot begin to count the number of times that your savoriness has filled every last remaining open space in my heart stomach. You’ve comforted me when I’ve been sad and lonely, celebrated with me when I’ve accomplished small goals and stayed by my side at parties where everyone else is dancing the stir-fried noodle.

I thought we could be friends forever, but this past weekend you proved to me that it just isn’t possible. I can’t trust your deep-fried nature and neither can my stomach. The sticky sweetness you’ve shown me so often has become too dangerous to “take out”.  Saturday night, as I met with Mr. John, I felt so much distress and unease at the fact that I really have no idea where you come from. You appear to be real chicken, but I just don’t know anymore!  The true essence of you has disappeared; deep-fried and sauced into oblivion.

This is our goodbye. I can only look at you from a distance now. I have decided to move onto more wholesome, tasty dishes that aren’t afraid to show me who they really are.  In my life, I need all white-meat chicken and lots of veggies with a bit more spice, but who aren’t as saucy. I need honesty in my relationship with food. I cannot play this ridiculous guessing game anymore! So, goodbye. I will most certainly miss you, but I know that there are better things waiting for me in the future. There could be better things in YOUR future too. Oh, and get rid of Ms.G. She treats you like crap, but you just keep going back for more.


Summer Pineapple Bundt Cake and a Weekly Menu

Keeping up with the planning of the meals, here’s the menu for this week!

Monday: Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli
Tuesday: Chicken and Bell Pepper Fajitas and Cous Cous with Lime and Scallion
Wednesday: Seared Salmon with Orange and Almond, Jasmine Rice and Spring Greens
Thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Smashed Garlic Brussels Sprouts
Friday: Birthday Dinner at Nitaya Thai!
Saturday: Chicken-Mushroom Hash Casserole and Oven Baked Onion Rings (since my girlfriend will be in OH, I can actually eat mushrooms and onions! I’ll be lonely, though. Crying into my casserole.)

I have some veggies that I need to use up… brussels sprouts, onions, mushrooms and scallions.  I made sure to look through my WW cookbook to find ones that would incorporate them.  Oh, and I’m also trying out a new cake!  I have been craving sweets all week since Mother Nature is in the hizzouse.  It’s inspired by a recipe from Gina’s Skinny Taste blog.

Click here for this Pina Colada Cupcake Recipe from Ginas Skinny Taste blog!

Summer Pineapple Bundt Cake
Servings: 12
PointsPlus Per Serving: 6


  • 1 box white cake mix, 57 PP
  • 1 20 oz can crushed pineapple in 100% juice, 8 PP
  • 1 tub Cool Whip Free

1. Preheat oven to 325.

2. Mix entire can of pineapple and juice into white cake mix (just the mix). You can use a mixer if you like, but I just hand stirred it.

3. Bake according to directions on box. I chose a bundt pan, but you can do a square or rectangular pan or even cupcakes!

4. Once baked and cooled, top with whipped cream and enjoy!

If you’d like to add a little more flavor (like I did), put together a glaze with milk, powdered sugar, one tbsp of orange juice and a drop each of vanilla and coconut extracts. Once mixed and flavored to your satisfaction, drizzle over cake before you put on the Cool Whip.  It adds an extra depth to the flavor and a little extra loooove to the cake!

Here’s the cake! Photo taken with my phone, so it doesn’t show the awesomeness that is this cake. So moist and sweet and beautiful!

Menu for the Week

Ive been getting some sun!

Life is good. I felt so relaxed after this past weekend! I told you all about most of it in the last post, but the one thing I forgot to mention was the menu for this week! It’s one of my most favorite parts of each Sunday, now.  I get to sit down on the patio with a couple cookbooks and a pad of paper and plan out our dinners for the week.

I have noticed that in our house, we follow the menu about 75% of the time… which is fine by me.  It’s good to be flexible and adaptable to change, and sometimes we just don’t know what’s going to happen during the week that would switch up our plans.  Either way, I still like planning it :)

Monday: we had pizza. It was a delivery day!
Tuesday: DIY Shishkabobs and Dance Central Night with some friends
Wednesday: Steak Fajita wraps, Homemade Tortillas and Southwestern Black Bean Salad
Thursday: Cumin Chicken Kabobs with Cous Cous, Greek Islands Salad and Browned Brussel Sprouts
Friday: Chicken and Broccoli Rabe with Soft Polenta
Saturday: Seared Salmon with Orange and Almonds (I’m determined to make it!), Jasmine Rice and Steamed Broccoli
Sunday: Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice

Looks pretty good, eh?  I’ll need my carbs on Sunday since it’s MY FIRST SOFTBALL GAME SINCE FIFTH GRADE.  Woot Woot!!  A bunch of these recipes come from my Weight Watchers Cookbook and also from my Great Food Great Beer cookbook.  I’ve really been enjoying both of those.  And since I recently had to pay a butt-load of money to get some stuff on my car fixed, we’ll be staying home more often for dinner and trying to save a bit more to make up the difference.  Boo to car issues, Yay to tasty dinners at home!

Have any of you made anything tasty lately?  I’d love to hear what you’ve been putting on the menu for your dinners.  Leave me a comment!  Oh, and that pork loin roast that I made on Sunday was AWESOME.  Here’s the link to the recipe.  Instead of using fennel, I used carrots, red potatoes, yellow squash and some white onion.  It was amazing.  And we had half the roast leftover, which we made into pork loin sandwiches for lunches yesterday and today!  I took a picture of it with my phone, but the quality isn’t great.  Here it is anyway!  I highly recommend it.  The girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

Menu for the Week

Me and one of my fur babies, Imogen. She was trying to escape, but I forced her to smile for the camera anyway!

Let me start by saying…. that savory marinade for the pork I grilled last night was AWESOME.  I bought a skewer set from Home Depot yesterday, so I decided to do skewered zucchini and yellow squash with just a bit of olive oil and TJ’s Everyday Spice and it ended up being the perfect compliment to the meat and the mashed potatoes.  My girlfriend said it was one of the best meals I’ve ever made!  Needless to say, it was a super successful dinner and there was just enough leftover to eat for lunch today.

After we ate our delicious leftovers, we decided to sit outside on the patio and brave the raging winds since it’s the first day of 70 degree weather we’ve had in months.  We may not have been able to take a long walk today (the wind is just too crazy and Max would fly away), but we DID sit outside!  And while we sat outside, she read a little and I put together this week’s menu:

Monday: Sweet Chili Chicken and Veggies (since we didn’t make it last week) and Bokchoy Soup (which I am creating myself!)
Tuesday: Pasta with Red Sauce (courtesy of the girlfriend) and Salad
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken with Amber Bock & Honey (from my Great Food Great Beer cookbook), Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Zucchini
Thursday: Seared Salmon with Almonds and Orange (from my Great Food Great Beer cookbook), Broccoli and Jasmine Rice
Friday: WILDCARD! (either leftovers, something we feel like throwing together or dinner on the town)
Saturday: Homemade Pizza and Salad
Sunday: Pork Loin Roast, Carrots and Green Beans

I haven’t tried many new recipes lately, so I made an effort to put some new ones into the mix.  We also have a crap-ton of beer in the fridge from when we had people over for a Kinect party (which was months ago… we’re not big drinkers), so I knew I had to try out some recipes from my Great Food Great Beer cookbook.  I found it for $1.00 at a Books for Prisoners Book sale!  I was super excited.  And now I’ll have a bunch of new dishes to try out, take pictures of and then share with you all!  It’s gonna be a fun week :)  Maybe I’ll even make a cookie or pie while I’m at it.