RWWF Love and Gratitude Box Giveaway #2! **CLOSED**

I’m BAAAAAACK! Oh lordy, people, life got a bit crazy there. I won’t go into the ridiculous details, but I WILL give you a quick breakdown of my life over the past three weeks.

– This blog reached over 100K views!! WOOT WOOT!

– 5K in Madison, WI and we rocked it! I power-walked my butt all the way to the end and kept a great pace. Even sprinted at the end, passed Jess, but then she ran passed me at THE LAST SECOND! It made for a great picture.

– Bridal Shower for me and Jess. It. was. awesome. I love our family and friends! Great food, great fun, great gifts! I GOT A KITCHEN AID. It has already made cinnamon chai caramels, pizza dough, peanut butter marshmallows and diary-free chocolate chip cookies.

– We get married in less than a month! The last little details are coming together, but still take up a lot of time. What to do… blog or wedding? Lately, it’s been wedding! But I’m making up for it with another awesome giveaway!

larabar, giveaway, justin's nut butter, better than bouillon, eden organic, alder's salt, just soap, melinda's hot sauce

A fantastic mix of goodies to keep you warm through and through!

Last time, the theme was “Life is Sweet”. Now that the seasons are starting to change and cooler weather mixed with the smell of campfires and falling leaves, the theme for this giveaway has me wanting to get out my hoodies and thicker socks.

Be Warm and Toasty

Autumn is the best season. Colors are changing, air is getting chillier with each passing day and hot tea and coffee replaces all those iced drinks. Co-workers bring in more and more homemade treats because the holidays are getting closer and they want an new excuse to make cookies need to test out their recipes :)

Now, WHAT’S IN THE BOX??!?!?! This time I’m enticing you with savory things! Things that will help keep you a bit warmer and a bit toastier (or even go perfect with warm toast.) Here’s what one lucky reader will be receiving:

– One bag of Eden Organic Spicy Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. These puppies are low sodium and flavored with garlic, cayenne and tamari. These are bound to put a little heat in your mouth and belly, but don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting! Each 1/4 cup serving equals 5 PP. Maybe you can pair it with some fresh snap peas? Good flavor combo there!

– One bar of Cinnamon Clove Just Soap. This soap smells like pure holiday. Put it in your bathroom and experience the awesome every day! Just don’t try eating it… I didn’t calculate the points.

– Two Larabars, courtesy of the awesome Larabar people who sent me a free variety box to divvy up in these Love and Gratitude boxes! The flavors this time are Blueberry Muffin and Pecan Pie. One is an exit from summer and and the other is an entrance into autumn. And I’ve tried both of these flavors. They are wonderful! I’m a huge Larabar fan these days, especially since I’m dairy-free! The Blueberry Muffin is 5 PP and the Pecan Pie is 6 PP.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op Alder Smoked Salt grinder. Sometimes you just need a little smoky flavor to take your food to the next level! The back of the grinder suggests pairing it with any grilled foods including asparagus, pork, ribs, burgers and more. Yes please! I haven’t tried this myself, but I can imagine it’s awesome in any of the suggested foods.

– One single serving pack of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. Maple + almond butter? Heaven! Almond butter is packed with healthy fats and protein. This serving gives you 5 PP to spread on celery, toast, a sandwich or an apple! Sounds like a delicious snack to me.

– One 8 oz jar of Better Than Bouillon Vegetarian No-Chicken Base. I had to make sure my vegan friends would be interested in this basket too, right?? I’ve been going through my Better Than Bouillon bases like it’s my job. This stuff will make all of your soups even better! It’ll put sodium in there, but you won’t need to add any extra salt to your soup! It stays well in the fridge and it’s 0 PP per serving (although if you add 2 tbsp, you should be counting 2 PP.)

– One jar Melinda’s Original Habanero XXXtra Hot Sauce. It’s the original habanero pepper sauce! If you follow this blog, you know that I looooove spicy food! I can’t get enough. I haven’t actually had this stuff yet, but I’m super excited to go through my bottle! This stuff is guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty.

Now you know what’s in the box, but HOW DO YOU WIN THE RWWF LOVE AND GRATITUDE BOX??!?!??!?!?!!


There are multiple ways you can enter! And since I’m not picking a winner until Saturday, September 22nd, you have about two weeks to get in as many entries at you can.  I’m waiting that long because Sept. 22nd is the first official day of fall!  Perfect timing, eh?

Ways to Enter (make sure to leave a separate comment for each one, otherwise they won’t be counted as multiple entries):
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’re grateful for – 3 entries max for this.

2. “Like” my Facebook page and leave me a comment on THIS POST that you did or already do – 1 entry.

3. Become an email subscriber for this blog and leave me a comment saying that you did or already do (if you follow in Google Reader or another reader, that’s fine too, just make a note of it in your comment) – 1 entry.

4. Follow @ReluctantFoodie on Twitter and leave a comment on this blog telling me that you did or already do – 1 entry.

5. Tweet the following message “Win a RWWF Love and Gratitude Box of goodies from @ReluctantFoodie! Enter here –” and leave a comment on this blog telling me that you did – 3 entries max for this.

6. Share my blog post link on Facebook with the following in the comment box, “Win a RWWF Love and Gratitude Box of goodies on The Reluctant WW Foodie blog!” and leave a comment on this blog telling me that you did – 3 entries max for this

7. Go to the FB pages of Better Than Bouillon, Larabar, Justin’s Nut Butters, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Just SoapEden Foods  and “like” them AND leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you were sent there because you’re trying to win a giveaway from The Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie that includes one of their products – (1 entry each, 6 entries max in total for this)

8. Get on KLOUT and give me some Klout for Blogging, Cooking, Weight Watchers, Food or Recipes and leave me a comment letting me know that you did – (1 entry each, 5 entries max in total for this).

There’s TWENTY-THREE entries possible for each of you.  That’s a lot!  Just make sure to have all your entries submitted as separate comments on THIS BLOG POST by MIDNIGHT on September 21st and the winner will be chosen at random (using and announced on September 22nd!  The winner will have two days to respond to my initial email letting them know they won, otherwise I’ll have to choose a new winner.  Enter them all at once or spread them out, just enter!  I can’t wait to see who’s going to win!

44 responses

  1. I am totally grateful for my wonderful husband that God put into my life almost 7 years ago. I am a type 1 diabetic that has a lot of lows–he has literally pulled me out of these lows, and saved my life. He has gone to endocrinologist with me at every visit, when we meet he learned everything he could about diabetes. He and God are definitely my major inspirations that keep me “truckin”.

  2. I went to Justin’s Nut Butter on facebook and “liked” their page and told them I was there because I want to win the giveaway!
    FB – Shannon Sudberry

  3. I’m grateful for my health, especially since I have a family medical history that’s difficult. And for my friends, who have been a support when and since I lost most of my family in a one-year period.

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