Weekly Weigh-In and a Smoothie Recipe

This is Immi doing a happy dance for my good weigh-in. Or maybe it was an escape attempt….

After three weigh-ins of gains and not enough time spent at home cooking, I finally made up for it and lost 5.4 lbs this week! But really, it’s just 2 lbs less than what I weighed in at before I gained those 3.4 lbs back. So yay for redeeming myself!

They were pretty, delicious AND WWF. Better than a cake!

A list of random things before I give you the yummy smoothie recipe….
– I turned 27 this past Sunday. Happy birthday to me!
– My girlfriend is awesome. She bought me a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday rather than a cake! Sweet AND WWF :)
Chobani chose me as their featured blogger of the week, so I’m currently accepting more entries for the case of Chobani ‘gurt they’re letting me give away! Enter here.
– I need to buy MORE Chobani ‘gurt so that I can make more muffins. I’m all out.
– 3 new people joined the Reluctant Losers in the past two days, so there’s 19 of us all together now!
– I got a subscription to Cooking Light for the next two years and I am PSYCHED. 218 recipes in the latest issue alone! I’m in heaven.
– I bought a juicer after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I’m totally a convert. Zero PP and it’s incredibly good for you? YES PLEASE.

And now, for your yummy smoothie recipe!  This is another recipe that I created using Chobani ‘gurt.  It was quick, easy and delightful.  You can switch up any of the ingredients to make it your own.  I’m not a HUGE fan of bananas and berries in the same shake, but it’s what I had on hand.  I’d much rather pair bananas with peanut butter or coconut and some chocolate syrup… and let the berries do their own thing with either lemons, vanilla gurt or ice cream, or…. chocolate syrup.  Yep.  Chocolate syrup is pretty much my “go-to” in many dessert situations.  But not too much!

Berry Banana ‘Gurt Smoothie…  Made with Chobani Pineapple ‘Gurt.

Berry Banana ‘Gurt Smoothie
Servings: 1
PointsPlus Per Serving: 5


  • 1 6-oz container of Chobani Pineapple, 4 PP
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup mixed frozen strawberries/raspberries (or fresh if you have them)
  • 1 cup frozen banana rounds (slice up bananas when they are just starting to brown and then freeze them!)
  • 1/3 cup low-fat milk or Silk Coconut Milk, 1 PP
  • 1 packet sweetener like splenda or truvia

1. Add all ingredients to blender. Blend. Pour. Enjoy. The end.

Since the bananas were frozen, there’s no need for ice! But if you don’t have any of your fruit frozen, then you’d want to add about 4 ice cubes or so. One more picture for the road!!

Pretty much the same picture, just more saturated and sultry….

3 responses

  1. OMG, I just watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” the other day! …three times in a row! At my meeting this morning, I asked the leader about home juicing and she said that home juicing fruits and veggies = oPP. (I also created a message thread on the WW eTools site and got some varied responses…you might check it out. “To juice or not to juice.”) So, yeah, I’m juicer bound! What kind did you get? I want the kind in the movie, of course, and went to the web site. On the F, S, & ND site, they have a coupon code for some $$ off the cost of a Breville. Seriously thinking about that one.

    Congrats on your weigh-in!

  2. Hi, fruit is free on propoints, because of the fiber in it, but juice, minus the pulp is quite high, so should be drunk moderately if following weight watchers. That smoothie sounds lovely, but you can make them much lower for everyday use, like make up a cadbury’s highlights and add a frozen banana, blitz, for a 1pp smoothie, or you could add a few tablespoons of fat free greek yoghurt to fruits for a 1pp. Well done on your loss.

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